Faveo Helpdesk Freelancer, Enterprise auto install script for CentOS 7

Faveo automatic installation script is available for CentOS 7

The installation script will install following

  • Apache (with mod_rewrite enabled)
  • PHP 7.3+ with the following extensions: curl, dom, gd, json, mbstring, openssl, pdo_mysql, tokenizer, zip
  • MySQL 5.7+

This script should be used only on fresh/new copy of CentOS 7

Run the script

To run, copy/paste this into the command-line

yum -y install wget
wget https://github.com/ladybirdweb/faveo-server-images/blob/master/installation-scripts/helpdesk/centos7/autoinstall.sh

Change execution permission for file.

chmod +x Faveo-Centos-apache.sh

Execute the script


Install Faveo

Now you can install Faveo via GUI Wizard or CLI