Introduction to Agora Invoicing



Agora is open-source billing system built on the Laravel framework, specifically designed for software companies to manage their billing needs.

It offers features like creating and sending invoices, managing subscriptions, setting up different billing cycles, and generating reports.

Agora is designed & developed by Ladybird Web Solution Pvt Ltd, and launched in March 2016.

To run Agora your host just needs a couple of things:

Web Server: Apache or Nginx
PHP Version: 8.1+
PHP Extensions: Mcrypt, OpenSSL, Mbstring, Tokenizer
Database: MySQL(8.0+) or MariaDB (10.6+)
Web Server Extension: Pretty URLs or Search Engine Friendly URL's have to be enabled in your web server configuration


The installation steps of Agora Invoicing are same as that of Faveo Helpdesk Community. Follow the below installation guides till step 8 (Step 9 for Ubuntu) to install Agora on:

Note: IonCube and wkhtmltopdf are not required for Agora Invoicing and can be skipped during installation.

Download From Github ⇓