Faveo Installation on CentOS Web Panel

This document will list on how to install Faveo Helpdesk on a new Centos Web Panel on Centos server.

Note: Need Centos 7 fresh server to Install Centos Web Panel(CWP).

1.Setup Hostname

To start the CWP installation, login into your server as root and make sure to set the correct hostname.

Important: The hostname and domain name must be different on your server (for example, if domain.com is your domain on your server, then use hostname.domain.com as your fully qualified hostname).

hostnamectl set-hostname hostname.domain.com

2. Installing CentOS Web Panel

yum -y update
yum -y install wget
cd /usr/local/src
wget https://github.com/ladybirdweb/faveo-server-images/blob/master/installation-scripts/helpdesk/cwp.sh
chmod +x cwp.sh

Please be patient as the installation progress can take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete. Once the install has finished you should see a screen saying “CWP” installed and list of credentials required to access the panel. Make sure to copy or write down the information and keep it safe:

Once ready, press “ENTER” for server reboot. If the system does not reboot automatically simply type “reboot” to reboot the server.


After server reboot, login into server as root, once login you will see different welcome screen with information about the logged users and the current disk space usage.

Now log in to your CentOS Web Panel server using the link provided by the installer on your server.

  • CentOS Web Panel Admin GUI: https://SERVER-IP:2031/
  • Username: root
  • Password: your-root-password

Cent OS Logo

3. Point domain to CentOS Web Panel server

As the Centos Web panel is now installed. You can host Faveo in this Centos Web Panel.

Note: You should have Domain pointing to this server.

4. Create user account on CentOS Web Panel

Create user account under User Accounts > New account.

Cent OS Logo

5. Change PHP version and install PHP extension

CWP by default PHP 5.6 will be installed. You can install different PHP versions and their extensions in the panel.

Faveo needs PHP 7.3,and some extensions.

PHP Settings > php_switch_v2

Cent OS Logo

And ioncube loader must be installed to run Faveo. You can enable by using below options.

PHP Settings> php_addons

Cent OS Logo

6. Database configuration

After Account created, You can login to user panel throigh the url https://SERVER-IP:2083/

Faveo needs empty Database, Please create Database Name and User for Faveo.

SQL Services> Mysql Manager

Cent OS Logo

7. Upload Faveo

Please download Faveo Helpdesk from https://billing.faveohelpdesk.com and upload it to the server

Click on File Management > File manager and upload Faveo files

8. Install Faveo

Now you can install Faveo via GUI Wizard or CLI

9. Cron Job configuration

Please set cron for Faveo to fetch mails

In Addition to that please Enable server Backup, Firewall and SSL Configuration.

10. Backup configuration

CWP settings > Backup configuration

11. SSL Configuration.

Webserver Settings > SSL Certificates

12. Firewall Configuration

Security > CSF firewall