Faveo Helpdesk Installation on Wamp Server with Apache on PHP 7.3

Faveo can run on WamServer.

1: Install WAMP

Download and install latest version of WAMP server on your Windows dekstop/server

2: Download Faveo Helpdesk Software

Please download Faveo Helpdesk from https://billing.faveohelpdesk.com and upload it to below directory

Upload the .zip file (c:\Wamp 64\www\Faveo) to the required location and unzip the file.

3: Enable Cacert.pem file in php.ini file

3(a): Download and extract the pem file save it inside your php directory

Example: (C:\Program Files\iis express\PHP\v7.2 or 7.3)

Alternative Link For Downloading pem file

3(b): Uncomment the below line and add the directory of the file in your php.ini and phpforApache.ini file

Repalce the curl.cainfo path in the specified .ini.file = “C:\wamp64\bin\php v7.2/v7.3\php.ini and phpforApache.ini”

4: Setup the database

Login to your PHP My admin

Create a new Database and User. Provide all access permission/privileges to the user. Link the user with the Database.

5: Install Faveo

Now you can install Faveo via GUI Wizard or CLI

6: Configure cron job

The cron job is used to perform background tasks such as sending emails and Recurring tickets, etc…

In Windows, there is a task scheduler (Administrative Tools > Schedule Tasks). You open it by pressing Windows button + R and Type “taskschd.msc”.

  • To Setup a Schedule task for Faveo. Open Task scheduler and follow these steps
  • Right-click on the Task scheduler and select “create basic task” and enter a name and click on the Next button.

Select the Task Running Triggered options Daily and click on the Next button.

You can specify the necessary details and click Next.

In program/script field enter the following value:


Add the following value in Argument:

/c php "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\faveo\artisan" schedule:run

After that, the scheduled task would appear on the list. Right-click the task and go to Properties -> Triggers.

Select the schedule and click Edit and set the cron to run every 10 minutes. You can change according to your needs.

7: Final step

The final step is to have fun with your newly created instance, which should be up and running to http://localhost or the domain you have configured Faveo with.