Installing Faveo Helpdesk on cPanel


Faveo is a self-hosted software where you can install the software by yourself on your own servers. While the installer provides step by step guide during the installation, it’s important and helpful to have general knowledge about Web servers, PHP and MySQL.

Before getting started make sure your server meets following minimum requirement required to install and use Faveo as listed here

Faveo can run on cPanel.

Installation steps

1. Upload Faveo

Please download Faveo Helpdesk from and upload the .zip files in the folder of your choice on your server.

Open cPanel File Manager and navigate to public_html directory/folder, You can directly upload Faveo files here or create a sub directory to host Faveo

unzip and exctract the content of .zip file

Once the file is extracted within the folder delete the .zip file.

2. Setup the database

Navigate to CPanel > MySQL and Database and click on it.

Create a New Database on this page

Create a new user for the database by registering the user name.

Now link the newly created user with the Database you have created, under Add New User to Database. Select the Database name from the list for which the user needs to be added and select the user name to add with the DB.

In Manage User Privileges, you can give access privileges (Choose All Privileges checkbox) ) to the newly created user and click on the Make Changes button save the details. Click on “Go back” to get the database page.

3. Install Faveo

Now you can install Faveo via GUI Wizard or CLI

4. Configure cron job

Faveo requires some background processes to continuously run. Basically those crons are needed to receive emails

Go to CPanel > Crons Jobs > Add New Cron Job to set the cron URL

5. Final step

The final step is to have fun with your newly created instance, which should be up and running to http://localhost or the domain you have configured Faveo with.